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Our Projects 

 The Friends of Spokane House have created a variety of displays for the Spokane House Interpretive Center as well as other museums. Below are some examples.

Spokane House Interpretive Center Mural Repainting 2020-2022

Friends of Spokane House member  and artist, Shaun Deller, took on the task of doing a major repainting of the fading murals that were originally done on the interpretive center in 2005. This was a volunteer collaborative effort between FOSH members, Washington State Parks and consultants from the Spokane Tribe. Shaun started on preliminary drawings in spring 2020 and finished the murals in Sept. 2022 after two summers of painting 5 different walls.

Museum of North Idaho Fur Trade History Display.

Over the winter of 2018-2019, members of F.O.S.H. collaborated to create this informative display case for the Museum of North Idaho in Coeur d' Alene. All of the replica artifacts were donated by the Friends of Spokane House. You can visit the Museum of North Idaho's website at

Spokane House Model

This model of Spokane House was created by F.O.S.H. members, Bob Twyman, Mark Weadick and Dean Bakke. The model fort offers viewers the chance to visualize how the fort looked in the early 1820's. It can be seen in the Spokane House Interpretive Center. 

View 01-25.jpg
fort model 01.jpg
Fort Back2-60.jpg
 Piece-en-piece replica wall

"Piece-en-piece" was the French term for a style of log cabin construction often used to create trading posts by French Canadian laborers, employed by the Northwest Company and the Hudson's Bay Company. Each log was hewn square with a tenon cut on the ends of the logs, that fit tightly into a mortise in the vertical corner posts. It is very likely that many of the structures at Spokane House used this style of construction. This replica section of such a wall was created by F.O.S.H. members, to be placed on display at the Spokane House Interpretive Center. 

Spokane House wall at MAC.jpg
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