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Who are the Northwest Fur Trade Historians?

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     The Northwest Fur Trade Historians (NFTH) are a group of living history enthusiasts dedicated to promoting public awareness of the early fur trade activities that shaped the Euro and Native American history of the Inland Northwest. Initially known as the Friends of Spokane House (FOSH), which formed in 1986 as a non-profit organization of fur trade history enthusiasts who began hosting an annual living history encampment for the public, on the grounds where the Spokane House fur trading post once stood. In December 2023 the Friends of Spokane House decided to change the group's name to Northwest Fur Trade Historians to better reflect the scope of fur trade history locations and time periods in the broader Pacific Northwest that we cover in our presentations. 


     Throughout the year NFTH members volunteer their time and expertise to give fur trade history presentations at various historic sites and to local school students. If you are a teacher who is interested in a field trip to the Spokane House Historic Site, please contact Riverside State Park at 509-465-5064 or (kara.frashefski at  We partner with Riverside State Park to put on presentations. In your inquiries to the State Park, you may request that NFTH members participate in the presentation. If you are interested in a presentation by NFTH members at your school or event please contact us.


     For those interested in participating in our June Fur Trade Encampment, please download and fill out this application form and send it via email or snail mail to the address on the form. We strive to have all of our living history reenactors portray a person from the 1810-1826 time period, as accurately as possible, to give the public a historically correct glimpse into the time period of Spokane House. This document can be downloaded to give an overview of the various rolls one may portray as a man or woman during this time period, and how to select period appropriate clothing and gear for such portrayals.

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