Spokane House Interpretive Center

The Spokane House Interpretive Center tells the story of Spokane House , an historic fur trade era trading post fort, the earliest permanent non-Indian settlement in Washington State. It's also about the lives of the Spokane Indians who lived here and the first European people to meet them and live among them. The Spokane House post was home to several fur trappers and traders for many years, and it was a poignant symbol of cultural commerce, cooperation, and the changes coming to the region.

Approximately 9.5 miles northwest of Spokane on Highway 291 (Nine Mile Road), one-half mile north of Charles Road (the Nine Mile Falls Dam bridge). Watch for the entrance in the woods on the left.

Future Plans:
Keep coming back as new information and new displays are always being added. Summertime brings living history events to the Spokane House fort site.

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Virtual Tour  of Spokane House Interpretive Center
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